Developing A Good Oral Care Routine
By Lynch Dental Center
July 06, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Is your oral care routine well-ordered or just hit and miss? At Lynch Dental Center in River Forest and Chicago, IL, our dentists, Dr. John Lynch, Dr. Sheila Lynch, or Dr. Frances Lynch, will help you achieve disciplined care that preserves your oral health and improves smile aesthetics.

Clean, cavity-free teeth and pink gums

You can have both for life by intentionally looking after your smile. Start at the earliest age with both at-home and in-office care with your River Forest and Chicago dentist.

Plaque is the leading cause of tooth decay and gum disease. This sticky residue attracts naturally-occurring oral bacteria and actually helps it multiply. The bacteria secrete acids that eat away at tooth enamel and cause the inflammatory changes typical of gum disease.

Unfortunately, gum disease remains the leading reason for tooth loss in the United States, followed closely by tooth decay, says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Flossing and brushing can reduce the incidence of both conditions.

The What's and How-to's

1. Brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes per session. Cover all tooth surfaces, and your tongue, too. Use a brush with a small head and soft bristles. Replace it whenever it looks worn, or after you have been sick with a cold, flu, or upper respiratory infection.

2. Floss once a day. If using strand floss, wrap both ends around your index fingers, or tie an 18-inch strand into a loop. Insert the floss carefully between your teeth, and move the floss up and down.

3. Eat regular meals. Limit snacking and sugary drinks. Concentrate on fruits, vegetables, and water.

4. Report any pain, mouth sores, tooth chips/fractures or lost fillings to Dr. Lynch right away. The sooner you repair problems, the more likely your smile will recover nicely.

5. Come to Lynch Dental Center for a dental check-up and cleaning twice a year. Eyes-on exams and hands-on prophylaxis combine with your at-home care to limit smile damage or avoid it altogether.

Take care

At Lynch Dental Center in River Forest and Chicago, IL, your dentists and their support staff are always available to counsel you on oral care techniques. Call one of our two offices for more information. We love our patients. In River Forest, IL, phone (708) 366-6411. For the Chicago location, call (312) 263-3235.