Correct Your Smile Discreetly With Invisalign
By Lynch Dental Center
December 11, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Our smile is frequently our first impression, but imperfections often cause us to hide it. The good news is it isn't too late to try to correct these, and thanks to Invisalign you may be able to accomplish this without the need for unsightly traditional braces. To find out if you're a candidate for the treatment get in contact with your local dentists, Dr. John Lynch, Dr. Sheila Lynch, and Dr. Frances Lynch of the Lynch Dental Center in Chicago and River Forest, IL.

Diet and Discipline

Invisalign clear aligners fit over your teeth like a mouthguard, although they are not nearly as bulky. They are made of thin and clear, but very durable, plastic. So many may not even notice that you are correcting your smile. That is until they see the final results. Which often takes between 12 and 18 months to achieve.

With traditional braces, you are bound to a list of approved foods, primarily because of the complicated cleaning involved.

But because clear aligners are removable, you eat and clean your teeth as you normally would. Although you should still follow a tooth-healthy diet and good dental habits. Just as you should wear the aligners daily for the prescribed amount of time. Discipline is a very important aspect of Invisalign treatment to make sure you get the most of it.

Invisalign Treatment in Chicago and River Forest, IL

Invisalign clear aligners work similarly to metal braces. They both gently and slowly shift your teeth into the proper place. Traditionally you would go back to your dentist's office to have your braces adjusted, but with clear aligners, you simply trade in your old aligner for a new one as your smile progresses. It is of course still advised that you visit your dentist every six weeks to evaluate the treatment.

Although Invisalign can treat many dental problems, like over and underbites, crossbites, gapped and crowded teeth, metal braces still have their place. Some of the more severe cases are still best treated through traditional means. Clear aligners are also recommended mainly for older teenagers and adults. It's why it's important to speak with your dentist about which treatment is best for you.

So make an appointment today with your doctors of the Lynch Dental Center in Chicago and River Forest, IL, by dialing (312) 263-3235 and (708) 366-6411 respectively.