A Healthy Dental Regimen
By Lynch Dental Center
January 27, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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With the rise of chronic health epidemics like obesity and diabetes in the United States, the benefits of prevention have begun to gain gum diseasetraction in the health and wellness space. The health of our teeth and gums is linked to what is happening in our bodies. Lifestyle factors like eating a healthy diet, avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, and practicing prevention by maintaining good oral hygiene habits also play an important role in avoiding gum disease and maintaining healthy teeth and gums well into old age.

The dentists at the Lynch Dental Center in Chicago and River Forest, IL advise patients to design a daily oral hygiene plan that is consistent and easy to maintain long term, as a means to avoid many of the health problems that tend to plague people as they age.

Dental Care and Gum Disease Prevention in Chicago and River Forest

A healthy dental regime can be as simple and straightforward as brushing twice a day, remembering to floss every day and scheduling regular appointments with a dentist for a dental cleaning and check up every six months. The important thing to remember when practicing oral hygiene care at home is consistency. So if flossing at night before going to bed proves difficult due to exhaustion or responsibilities like putting the kids to bed or catching up on laundry, consider flossing in the morning or after lunch. The time of day isn't as important, as long as you floss once a day. And if life gets in the way and you miss a day, week or even a month, just pick up where you left off. It's never too late to refine and recommit to oral health.

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A dental exam and professional cleaning every six months, when followed up with a good oral hygiene routine at home is often all it takes to prevent the onset of periodontal disease and associated health complications. For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact the Lynch Dental Center in Chicago and River Forest, IL today.