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Get a Smile You Love With Veneers

Dental veneers from your dentists in River Forest, and Chicago, IL, can enhance your smile.

If you don’t love your smile, you can do something about it! Dental veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services because they are so versatile. They can give you a perfect smile that you will love!

Dr. John Lynch, Dr. Sheila Lynch, and Dr. Frances Lynch at Lynch Dental Center offer a wide range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services, including dental veneers in River Forest, and Chicago, IL, to enhance your smile. 

Dental veneers are thin laminates, typically created using porcelain. These laminates are cemented onto the front surfaces of your teeth, covering up a wide variety of flaws and tooth damage, including:

  • Fracture lines and cracks
  • Tooth wear, abrasion, and erosion
  • Chips and areas of broken tooth structure
  • Blotchy enamel, stains, and discolorations

In some cases, veneers can also be used to camouflage tooth positioning and alignment issues, including:

  • Closing small gaps between your teeth
  • Making overlapped teeth look straighter
  • Making crowded teeth look straighter

When you choose porcelain veneers to enhance your smile, you will enjoy some important benefits, including:

  • A completely natural look, because porcelain closely mimics the look of natural tooth enamel
  • Long-lasting beauty, because porcelain resists stains, so your veneers will stay brilliant and beautiful for years
  • Conservative treatment, because little to no tooth structure is removed to place the veneers

Veneer treatment starts with a consultation appointment, giving you the perfect opportunity to ask questions and discuss what to expect from your new veneers.

Then, your teeth are prepared for the veneers and the veneers are created out of beautiful, sparkling porcelain. The veneers are cemented onto your teeth, and you have a new smile! Veneer treatment typically takes 2 to 3 appointments.

To learn more about dental veneers in River Forest, and Chicago, IL, and how they can give you a smile you will love, call Dr. John Lynch, Dr. Sheila Lynch, and Dr. Frances Lynch at Lynch Dental Center. You can reach them at (708) 366-6411 or (312) 263-3235 today!

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