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Crowns and Bridges Bring Function and Beauty Back to Your Smile

At Lynch Dental Center, Dr. John Lynch, Dr. Sheila Lynch, and Dr. Frances Lynch use crowns and bridges to restore patient smiles. Crowns and bridges are custom restorations that can replace teeth to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful. Keep reading about crowns and bridges and contact your dentist in the Chicago Loop or River Forest, IL, if you have missing or compromised teeth.


Dental crowns can rescue teeth that have been compromised by trauma like a chip or crack, or teeth that have a significant amount of decay. First, any decay is drilled away from the tooth so only natural and healthy tooth structure remains. If there is a chip or crack, the tooth will be shaved down to the point where the structure won't be affected by the crack.

The remaining tooth is sculpted so there is room for the crown around it. Finally, a crown is cemented in place on top of the tooth to replace it. Crowns are custom milled from ceramic material and match your smile beautifully. Call your dentist in the Chicago Loop or River Forest, IL, and we may be able to save that tooth with a crown!

Crowns can also be used in conjunction with dental implants to completely replace a missing tooth. First, an implant post is placed during minor surgery and you heal for a period of several weeks. Once you have healed a permanent crown is placed to match your smile perfectly.


Bridges are custom made to look like multiple teeth and can completely replace missing teeth with a crown on either end of the restoration. If you are missing a tooth and the teeth on either side are strong enough, they can be fitted with crowns. A bridge completely replaces the tooth in the middle without surgery! To see if bridgework is the best tooth-replacement method for you, call your dentist in the Chicago Loop or River Forest, IL.

Dr. John Lynch, Dr. Sheila Lynch, and Dr. Frances Lynch can help restore your smile with crowns and bridges. If you have missing or compromised teeth. Contact Lynch Dental Center for an appointment in the Chicago loop at (312) 263-3235 and in River Forest, IL, at (708) 366-6411.

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